FarmVille World Heritage Day Quest Guide

FarmVille World Heritage Day QuestsFarmVille World Heritage Day Quests will be rolling out from Thursday, 20th April 2017 to 4th May 2017. So get your crops, crafted ingredients and recipes ready. When you get through all 9 FarmVille World Heritage Day quests, you’ll get to earn these exclusive FarmVille quest rewards:
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FarmVille Legend of Tengguan Land Expansion and Unlock Quests

Howdy Farmer! I’m Princess Rutana. Welcome to Legend of Tengguan! Let me show you the way around the new farm.

Below are 9 quests to be completed in order to unlock the first nine expansions in Legend of Tengguan.
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FarmVille Legend of Tengguan: House of Ceremonies (Unwither Ring Buildable)

FarmVille Legend of Tengguan House of CeremoniesAs with earlier expansion farms, FarmVille Legend of Tengguan offers its own special buildables. There will be an Unwither Ring building named the House of Ceremonies which enables you to use Copper Satangs to open presents.
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FarmVille Legend of Tengguan Early Access Begins on 17th April 2017!

Howdy farmers, FarmVille is set to release an all new Legend of Tengguan farm and take us into the ancient lands of the Thai!

Early Access is scheduled to go LIVE on Monday, 17th April 2017 for the usual 45 Farm Cash. General Access will be available on Monday, 24th April 2017.

Here’s what you can expect to get on Legend of Tengguan farm during Early Access.
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