FarmVille Beat Emerald Valley Challenge!

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Beat Emerald ValleyPrepare for Beat Emerald Valley challenge to unlock the Emerald Valley Shipping License and Trophy!

As seen from the loading screen above, you will stand to gain not only thousands of Rainbow Points but instead of an Unwither Ring for your Emerald Valley farm, you will get 5 Unwithers and 2 Instagrows for completing the tasks set out in Beat Emerald Valley Challenge.

When you have finished all the tasks, you will then receive the ultimate reward – a Emerald Valley Shipping License and a Beat Emerald Valley Trophy!

Note: The Emerald Valley Shipping License allows you to transfer items between your farms.

Beat Emerald Valley Trophy

Below are the tasks for Beat Emerald Valley Challenge:

Task 1: Complete the Emerald City to the highest level

Rewards: 2,000 Rainbow Points

Task 2: Master the following Emerald Valley Crops to 3 stars
(Glass Strawberries, Bitty Blue Tomatoes, Crystal Cranberries, Unfolding Plumeria, Coil Lily, Azure Corn, Bubble Glass, Yellow Rhubarb, Purple Dahlia, Emerald Rye, Mini Eggplant, Jade Spiralis, Squash Blossom, Swirling Blue Fern, Balloon Melons, Yellow Brick Beets, Munchkin Flower, Red Poppy,Whirling Buds, Ribbon Daisy, Pink Square Watermelons)

Coil Lily

Rewards: 2 Instagrow

• Use a bushel of the same crop when harvesting to gain double mastery points.

• Use of Trading Post. Claiming an order or filling an order yields 3 mastery points each.

• Use Instagrows from quests, Leaderboard tasks or Hanging Gardens

• Use of Super Fertilizer

• Use a Double Bushel Statue

Task 3: Complete all 15 animals in the Tin Man Fountain

Tin Man FountainUnwither

Rewards: 5 Unwither

Task 4: Master the Porcelain Shop to 5 Stars

Rewards: 4,000 Rainbow Points

All 4 of the above tasks:
(Complete the Emerald City; Master all 21 crops; Make all 15 animals in the Tin Man Fountain and Improve the Porcelain Shop to 5 Stars)

Storage License for Emerald Valley

Rewards: Beat Emerald Valley Trophy and Emerald Valley Storage License

Get ready for the Beat Emerald Valley challenge and get your Emerald Valley Shipping License!

Announce Emerald Valley Shipping License
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