FarmVille Beat Groovy Hills Event and Shipping License

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Beat Groovy Hills EventPrepare to Beat Groovy Hills and unlock the Groovy Hills Shipping License and Trophy!

When you have finished all the Groovy Hills tasks, you will receive the above awesome prizes, a Groovy Hills Shipping License and a Beat Groovy Hills Trophy!

Note: The Groovy Hills Shipping License allows you to transfer items between your farms. It is also purchaseable from the market for 150 Farm Cash.

Beat Groovy Hills TrophyGroovy Hills Shipping License

Below are the tasks for Beat Groovy Hills:

TASK 1: Expand Spring Fair

through Level 10

Rewards: 2,000 Groovy Points

TASK 2: Master the following crops to level 3
(Jello Bananas, Polka Pineapple, Hassleback Potatoes, Pickled Zucchini Flower, Cookied Flowers, Dotted Mushrooms, Candy Button Cucumber, Eggplant Earrings, Breaded Pumpkin, Twin Popsicle Carrot, Tie n Dye Watermelon, Rainbow Custard Apple, Colored Pretzel Flowers, Iridescent Corn, Illusion Pear, Rainbow Banana, Hippie Jewels Grapes, Jacks Apple, Flowering Dogwood, Cosmos Flowers, Blanket Flower, Lotus Jello, Hive Flower, Allium Bulbs, Colorswirl Water Apple, Barret Browning Flower, Pink Charm Flower, and Retro Milkweed.)

Blanket Flower

Rewards: 2 Instagrow Potion

• Use a bushel of the same crop when harvesting to gain double mastery points.
• Use of Trading Post. Claiming an order or filling an order yields 3 mastery points each.
• Use Instagrows from quests, Leaderboard tasks or Hanging Gardens
• Use Super Fertilizers from the share two weekend or from quests
• Use a Double Bushel Statue

TASK 3: Make all 15 animals in the Peaceful Stables!
(Ringed Map Turtle, Feeding Chicken, Foraging Coati, River Play Pelican, Farmhand Meerkat, Pierced Duck, Floating Otter, Porch Napping Cat, Loyal Sheepdog, Banjo Bear, Orchard Deer, Orchard Picker Giraffe, Farmer Bison, Lumberjack Rhino, and Mayor Pegasus.)

Peaceful StablesUnwither

Rewards: 5 Unwither

TASK 4: Improve the Crafting Tent to Level 5

Rewards: 4,000 Groovy Points

Complete ALL 4 Tasks (Spring Fair, Crop Mastery, Peaceful Stables, and Crafting Tent)

Beat Groovy Hills TrophyGroovy Hills Shipping License

Rewards: Beat Groovy Hills Trophy and Groovy Hills Shipping License

Get ready to Beat Groovy Hills and get your Groovy Hills Shipping License! Be sure to share the good news with your friends.

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