FarmVille Beat Oasis Gardens and Shipping License

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Prepare to Beat Oasis Gardens and unlock the Oasis License and Trophy!

When you have finished all the Riviera tasks, you will receive the above awesome prizes, an Oasis License and a Beat Oasis Trophy!

Note: The Oasis License allows you to transfer items between your farms. It is also purchasable from the market for 200-250 Farm Cash.

Oasis LicenseBeat Oasis Trophy

Below are the tasks for Beat Oasis Gardens:

Task 1: Earn all Prizes in the Zezura Oasis

Rewards: 2,000 Oasis Points

Task 2: Get 3 Star Mastery of the following 20 Oasis Gardens Crops
(Violets, Egyptian Rye, Rhode Grass, Wild Leek, Elephant Grass, Bok Choy, Lavender Alfalfa, Southern Lilly, Nile Grass, Pink Camellia, Arabian Onion, Dragon Wort, Saluyot, Narcissus Flower, Royal Guar, Twisted Cowpea, Pink Flax, Popped Sorghum, Egyptian Luffa, and Chicory Lettuce.)

Chicory Lettuce

Rewards: 2 Instagrow

• Use a bushel of the same crop when harvesting to gain double mastery points.

• Use of Trading Post. Claiming an order or filling an order yields 3 mastery points each.

• Use Instagrows from quests, Leaderboard tasks or Hanging Gardens

• Use of Super Fertilizer

• Use a Double Bushel Statue

Task 3: Complete all 15 Animals in the Arabian Stallions.

Arabian StallionsUnwither

Rewards: 5 Unwithers

Task 4: Raise the Cairo Boutique to 5 stars.

Rewards: 4,000 Oasis Points

All 4 of the above tasks: Earn all prizes in the Zezura Oasis, Master 20 Oasis Crops to 3 Stars, Make all 15 Animals in the Arabian Stallions, and Raise Cairo Boutique to 5 Stars.

Beat Oasis TrophyOasis License

Rewards: Beat Oasis Trophy and Oasis Shipping License

Get ready to Beat Oasis and get your Oasis License! Be sure to share the good news with your friends.

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