FarmVille Beat Ode To Olympus Event and Shipping License

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Beat Ode To Olympus EventPrepare to Beat Ode To Olympus and unlock the Ode To Olympus Shipping License and Trophy!

When you have finished all the Ode To Olympus tasks, you will receive the above awesome prizes, a Ode To Olympus Shipping License and a Beat Ode To Olympus Trophy!

Note: The Ode To Olympus Shipping License allows you to transfer items between your farms. It is also purchaseable from the market for 150 Farm Cash.

Beat Ode To Olympus TrophyOde To Olympus Shipping License

Below are the tasks for Beat Ode To Olympus:

TASK 1: Expand Naval Theatre through Level 10

Rewards: 2,000 Olympus Points

TASK 2: Master the following crops to level 3
(Spiral Star Flowers, Snake Fruit, Hollow Mushrooms, Golden Cranberries, Blue Lupine, Evil Corn, Golden Twirl, Spartan Cabbage, Eye Of Hades, Golden Apples, Water Poppy, Hades’ Abyss, Hermes Avacado, Gold Knotted Seaweed, Vilta Zucchini, Kunhios Flowers, Bloomed Dahlia, Blood Red Chikoo, Transparent Lily, Greek Beets, Culsia Fruit, Silver Carnival, Bloomed Foxglove, Pitto Berries, Nugget Sprouts, Penta Bhagi Flowers, Cursed Thorn Flowers, Caped Gooseberry, Cursed Thorn Flowers, and Caped Gooseberry.)

Ode To Olympus Crop

Rewards: 2 Instagrow Potion

• Use a bushel of the same crop when harvesting to gain double mastery points.
• Use of Trading Post. Claiming an order or filling an order yields 3 mastery points each.
• Use Instagrows from quests, Leaderboard tasks or Hanging Gardens
• Use Super Fertilizers from the share two weekend or from quests
• Use a Double Bushel Statue

TASK 3: Make all 15 animals in the Abode of Beasts!
(Alectryon Rooster, Calydonian Boar, Wind Spell Phoenix, Nemean Lion, Cretan Bull, Colchian Dragon, Spotted Crocodile, Dyonisus Leopard, Medusa Deer, Underworld Horse, Olympus Turtle, Gold Armor Wolf, Aetos Dios, Athena’s Gorilla, and Galea Unicorn.)

Abode of BeastsUnwither

Rewards: 5 Unwither

TASK 4: Improve the Oracle’s Keep to Level 5

Rewards: 4,000 Olympus Points

Complete ALL 4 Tasks (Naval Theatre, Crop Mastery, Abode of Beasts and Oracle’s Keep)

Beat Ode To Olympus TrophyOde To Olympus Shipping License

Rewards: Beat Ode To Olympus Trophy and Ode To Olympus Shipping License

Beat Ode To Olympus

Get ready to Beat Ode To Olympus and get your Ode To Olympus Shipping License! Be sure to share the good news with your friends.

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