FarmVille Campfire Countdown

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Campfire CountdownHowdy farmers, FarmVille will be rolling out the Campfire Countdown after the State Farm Band Countdown. This event will be available from 27th September 2016 to 18th October 2016.

Gather these stamps from your friends and redeem for these exclusive Campfire Countdown prizes and win a special bonus if you get all 16 days’ stamps! Note: You can ask for stamps every 6 hours.

Canvas Canopy Tree (4), Pie Iron Campfire (5), Camping Grill (6), Back Packing Beaver (7)

Bubble Tent (7), Sleeping Bag Tiger (7), Kangaroo Scout (10), Happy Campers (10)

Jungle Tent Tree (12), Smore Bear (12), Campfire Mac n Cheese (12), Fire Safety Racoon (12)

Tent Truck (14), Lake Shore Hippocampus (14), Campfire Spooky Stories (14), Sandwich Loving Rabbit (14)

Confirmed Prizes for Campfire Countdown

Canvas Canopy Tree, Pie Iron Campfire, Camping Grill, Back Packing Beaver

Bubble Tent, Sleeping Bag Tiger, Kangaroo Scout, Happy Campers

Jungle Tent Tree, Smore Bear, Campfire Mac n Cheese, Fire Safety Racoon

Tent Truck, Lake Shore Hippocampus, Campfire Spooky Stories, Sandwich Loving Rabbit

After collecting all the stamps over 16 days, you will get to win a bonus prize – Campfire Counselor Unicorn.

Campfire Counselor Unicorn StampCampfire Counselor Unicorn

Do you like Campfire Countdown prizes?

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