FarmVille Christmas Lights Countdown Event

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Christmas Lights CountdownHowdy farmers, FarmVille will be rolling out the Christmas Lights Countdown after the Winter Sports Countdown. This event will be available from 20th December 2016 to 10th January 2017.

Gather these stamps from your friends and redeem for these exclusive Christmas Lights Countdown prizes and win a special bonus if you get all 16 days’ stamps! Note: You can ask for stamps every 6 hours.

Candy Porcupine (4), Bright Tails Tree (5), Polar Gift Master (6), Gifting Seal (7)

Winter Bird House (7), Winter Fox (7), Goblin Kid (10), Candy Cane Street Lamps (10)

Santa Hat Tree (12), Boon Fairy Tree (12), Christmas Star Fountain (12), Xmas Snow Couple (12)

Santa Gift Pile (14), King Lemur (14), Xmas Reindeer (14), Ice Skating Penguin (14)

Confirmed Prizes for Christmas Lights Countdown

Candy Porcupine, Bright Tails Tree, Polar Gift Master, Gifting Seal

Winter Bird House, Winter Fox, Goblin Kid, Candy Cane Street Lamps

Santa Hat Tree, Boon Fairy Tree, Christmas Star Fountain, Xmas Snow Couple

Santa Gift Pile, King Lemur, Xmas Reindeer, Ice Skating Penguin

After collecting all the stamps over 16 days, you will get to win a bonus prize – Missy Xmas Unicorn.

Missy Xmas Unicorn StampMissy Xmas Unicorn

Do you like the Christmas Lights Countdown prizes?

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