FarmVille Easter Countdown

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FarmVille Easter CountdownHowdy farmers, FarmVille will be rolling out the Easter Countdown after the Road Hogs Countdown. This event will be available from Tuesday, 14th March 2017 to 4th April 2017.

Gather these stamps from your friends and redeem for these exclusive Easter Countdown prizes and win a special bonus if you get all 16 days’ stamps! Note: You can ask for stamps every 6 hours.

Paschal Egg Tree (4), Paschal Basket Tree (5), Easter Egg Gnomette (6), Paschal Egg Chicken (7)

Paschal Egg Painter (7), Paschal Ribbon Tree (7), Paschal Egg Heap (10), Easter Gown Gnomette (10)

Paschal Egg House (12), Candy Egg Factory (12), Paschal Bunny Chicken (12), Paschal Magician Chicken (12)

Easter Shell Turtle (14), Easter Skin Cow (14), Paschal Dye Pegacorn (14), Easter Fleece Sheep (14)

Confirmed Prizes for Easter Countdown

Paschal Egg Tree, Paschal Basket Tree, Easter Egg Gnomette, Paschal Egg Chicken

Paschal Egg Painter, Paschal Ribbon Tree, Paschal Egg Heap, Easter Gown Gnomette

Paschal Egg House, Candy Egg Factory, Paschal Bunny Chicken, Paschal Magician Chicken

Easter Shell Turtle, Easter Skin Cow, Paschal Dye Pegacorn, Easter Fleece Sheep

After collecting all the stamps over 16 days, you will get to win a bonus prize – a Easter Fur Pegasus.

Easter Fur Pegasus StampEaster Fur Pegasus

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