FarmVille Emerald Valley Breeding Pens and Buildings With Purpose

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As FarmVille is getting ready to release the FarmVille Emerald Valley farm, here’s a preview of the Emerald Valley Buildings With Purpose that will be deployed in the upcoming FarmVille Emerald Valley farm for breeding, storage and crafting purposes.

Upon completing each breeding pen, you will get to receive the following Emerald Valley animals as a bonus reward.

FarmVille Emerald Valley Breeding Pens

Munchkin Aviary and Tic Tok Peacock

Munchkin AviaryTic Tok Peacock

Emerald Pasture and Poppy Cow

Emerald PasturePoppy Cow

Emerald Paddock and Emerald Glass Horse

Emerald PaddockEmerald Glass Horse

Munchkin Livestock and Flying Rainbow Sheep

Munchkin LivestockFlying Rainbow Sheep

Emerald Pet Run and Cairn Terrier

Emerald Pet RunCairn Terrier

Emerald Wildlife and Emerald Gem Bear

Emerald WildlifeEmerald Gem Bear

Munchkin Zoo and Red Ribbon Lion

Munchkin ZooRed Ribbon Lion

FarmVille Emerald Valley Storage Buildings

Munchkin Orchard, Munchkin Gnome Garden

Munchkin OrchardMunchkin Gnome Garden

Emerald Garage, Emerald Storage Cellar

Emerald GarageEmerald Storage Cellar

FarmVille Emerald Valley Crafting Buildings

Tin Man Fountain, Porcelain Shop, Emerald Craftshop

Tin Man FountainPorcelain ShopEmerald Craftshop

FarmVille Emerald Valley Special Buildings

Emerald City, Munchkin Country

The Emerald CityMunchkin Country

>>> Click here for more information on FarmVille Emerald Valley.

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