FarmVille Emerald Valley Munchkin Country

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Munchkin CountryAs with earlier expansion farms, FarmVille Emerald Valley offers its own special buildables. One of them is the Munchkin Country. The Munchkin Country feature bears obvious resemblance to the Hollybright Tree on the Holiday Lights farm if you can recall.

The Munchkin Country has 30 buildable levels. The only building part required is Munchkin Hats.

Similar to Sparkle Lights in Holiday Lights, you can also find Munchkin Hats from farming crops in Emerald Valley. You can supplement them by crafting more in the Craftshop. There are 3 Munchkin Hats crafting recipes available:

  • Munchkin Hat Bucket which gives 1 Munchkin Hat
  • Munchkin Hat Crate which gives 3 Munchkin Hats
  • Munchkin Hat Chest which gives 5 Munchkin Hats

  • Munchkin Hat Bucket (8 Hours) = 3 Whirling Buds Bushels + 3 Jade Spiralis Bushels + 3 Crystal Cranberries Bushels

    Munchkin Hat Crate (10 Hours) = 4 Balloon Melons Bushels + 4 Yellow Brick Beets Bushels + 4 Azure Corn Bushels

    Munchkin Hat Chest (12 Hours) = 5 Munchkin Flower Bushels + 5 Coil Lily Bushels + 5 Red Poppy Bushels

    As you complete each level, you will be awarded Rainbow Points and a special reward. The building requirement and reward at each stage of the Munchkin Country are as shown in the table below.

    LevelMunchkin HatLevel Reward
    11Munchkin Goat
    23Super Fertilizer
    34Twirled Leaves Tree
    45Scarecrow Pony
    67Golden Tabby Cat
    78Munchkin Post Office
    893 pack of Turbo Chargers
    910Shaggy Cow
    1012Package of Emerald Valley Treasure Parts
    1113Munchkin Mayor
    12155 Farmhands
    1319Munchkin Chicken
    14213 Super Fertilizers
    1522Twilight Rainbow Duck
    1727Sun Magic Pegacorn
    18303 pack of Turbo Chargers
    1935Munchkin Park Square
    20385 Arborists
    2143Munchkin Town Hall
    22463 pack of Instagrows
    2350Munchkin Clock Tower

    2455Package of Emerald Valley Treasure Parts
    2560Rainbow Ribbon Sheep
    26653 pack of Turbo Chargers
    2775Munchkin Carriage
    2885Rainbow Tree
    2990Poppy Shrub Tree
    3095Rainbow Magic Pegacorn + Emerald Valley Unwither Ring

    Note that the final reward at Level 30 is a Rainbow Magic Pegacorn and a Emerald Valley Unwither Ring.

    Do you like the Emerald Valley Munchkin Country and its rewards?

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