FarmVille Emerald Valley Treasures

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FarmVille Emerald Valley TreasuresFarmVille Emerald Valley TreasuresFarmVille Emerald Valley TreasuresFarmVille Emerald Valley Treasures
When you arrive on Emerald Valley farm, you’ll notice a number of broken items scattered around the farm waiting to be opened! These are Emerald Valley treasures as in previous expansion themed farms. Gather Silver Shoes and Woodman Axes to unlock these treasures and receive exclusive rewards (or prizes) to go with your Emerald Valley farm!

Here’s a first look at them all!

FarmVille Emerald Valley Treasures:

Barn Door (80 Rainbow Points)
Barn Door Stage 1Barn Door Stage 2Barn Door Stage 3
You can unlock each Barn Door with 10 Silver Shoes.

Barn Door Treasure Rewards
You can expect to uncover these Barn Door treasures with each expansion:

Lion Cat, City Fashion Gnomette, Emerald Spire Tree, Emerald Fountain
Lion CatCity Fashion GnometteEmerald Spire TreeEmerald Fountain
Bubble Pomsky, Big Green Balloon, Wind Up Robin
Bubble PomskyBig Green BalloonWind Up Robin

Windmill Piece (160 Rainbow Points)
Windmill Piece Stage 1Windmill Piece Stage 2Windmill Piece Stage 3
You can unlock each Windmill Piece with 22 Silver Shoes.

Windmill Piece Treasure Rewards
You can expect to uncover these Windmill Piece treasures with each expansion:

Big Bow Bear, Rainbow Feather Chicken, Tin Top Tree, Bow Tie Pug
Big Bow BearRainbow Feather ChickenTin Top TreeBow Tie Pug
Spiral Horn Goat, Clockwork Owl, Emerald Citizen Gnome, Wild Flower Fields
Spiral Horn GoatClockwork OwlEmerald Citizen GnomeWild Flower Fields

Broken Silo (240 Rainbow Points)
Broken Silo Stage 1Broken Silo Stage 2Broken Silo Stage 3

You can unlock each Broken Silo with 28 Woodman Axes.

Broken Silo Treasure Rewards
You can expect to uncover these Broken Silo treasures with each expansion:

Grab Apple Tree, Bubble Bear Cub, Flying Bubble Kitten, Silver Works Horse
Grab Apple TreeBubble Bear CubFlying Bubble KittenSilver Works Horse
Glass Blown Cow, Emerald Glass Tiger, Flying Baby Monkey, Munchkin Hut
Glass Blown CowEmerald Glass TigerFlying Baby MonkeyMunchkin Hut
Folded Ribbons Tree, Flying Pig, Tin Dog
Folded Ribbons TreeFlying PigTin Dog

Fallen House (320 Rainbow Points)
Fallen House Stage 1Fallen House Stage 2Fallen House Stage 3

You can unlock each Fallen House with 42 Woodman Axes.

Fallen House Treasure Rewards
You can expect to uncover these Fallen House treasures with each expansion:

Munchkin Park, Rainbow Spirals Tree, Poppy Flowers Tree, Tik Tok Lion
Munchkin ParkRainbow Spirals TreePoppy Flowers TreeTik Tok Lion
Cowardly Cub, Emerald Bubble Tree, China Pot House, Emerald Wizard Tower
Cowardly CubEmerald Bubble TreeChina Pot HouseEmerald Wizard Tower
Porcelain Pegasus, Twister Bubble Tree, Breathing Bubbles Dragon, Winkie Unicorn
Porcelain PegasusTwister Bubble TreeBreathing Bubbles DragonWinkie Unicorn
Poppy Pegacorn, Curled Ribbon Pony, Poppy Antler Deer, Sleeping Deer
Poppy PegacornCurled Ribbon PonyPoppy Antler DeerSleeping Deer

Are you excited to open the treasures and get these cool rewards?

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