FarmVille Emerald Valley: Witch Style Are You Personality Voting

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Prom Pavilion 1Prom Pavilion 2
A new voting event named “Witch Style Are You?” will be rolling out on our new FarmVille Emerald Valley farm. Have your friends vote for you to create a unique personality profile and get a Prom Pavilion!

Witch Style Are You? Voting event will be available in Emerald Valley from 24th February, 2014 to 17th March, 2014.

When you load FarmVille, a window will pop up prompting you to place the foundation of your Prom Pavilion.

Clicking on “Place Now” puts you in placement mode, and the foundation will appear illuminated. If you do not wish to place the foundation at this time, you can always switch tools and get out of Placement Mode. The foundation to your Prom Pavilion will go into your Gift Box where you can access it later.

You can also access this feature by clicking on the icon on the right-hand side of your screen, or in the Market.

  • There are 12 stages in this challenge.
  • Complete each stage by gathering votes from your friends, or paying FC to complete.
  • Your Prom Pavilion gets closer and closer to completion after each question.

Note: To get the Prom Pavilion on the left, majority of the prizes should FIRST come from the “left” side. Likewise to get the Prom Pavilion on the right, majority of the prizes should FIRST come from the “right” side.

Below is a sneak peek of the confirmed prizes you can earn based on what your friends vote:

Witch Style Are You?

"Left" RewardStage"Right" Reward
Flying Tasseled Dog
Stage 1
Flying Tik Tok Cat
Tik Tok Gnome
Stage 2
Munchkin Gnome
Bubble Flower Tree
Stage 3
Gear Flower Tree
Ribbon Array Peacock
Stage 4
Emerald Tail Peacock
Ribbon Porcelain Gazebo
Stage 5
Yellow Brick Gazebo
Playful Poppy Dragon
Stage 6
Emerald Tail Dragon
Bubble Butterfly
Stage 7
Emerald Glass Pig
Spiral Works Tree
Stage 8
Tinker Trunk Tree
Gold Brick Stallion
Stage 9
Emerald Bridle Camarillo

Balloon Hedgehoglet
Stage 10
Zeppelin Bunny
Apple Horn Deer
Stage 11
Curled Horn Ram
Good Witch Pegacorn
Stage 12
Wicked Witch Pegacorn

When you complete all stages of this event, you’ll get a unique personal profile “Witch Style Are You?” along with a Book of XP!

Book of XP

You can replay this feature after you complete all the questions to try and win other prizes. The Prom Pavilion you get will change styles depending on your profile. So if you didn’t get the one you wanted the first time around, you can try and win the other one!

Play Witch Style Are You? Voting and win fabulous rewards!

Happy Farming!

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