FarmVille FairyTale Fields Breeding Pens and Buildings With Purpose

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As FarmVille is getting ready to release the FairyTale Fields farm, here’s a preview of the FairyTale Fields Buildings With Purpose that will be deployed in the upcoming Farmville FairyTale Fields farm for breeding, storage and crafting purposes.

Upon completing each breeding pen, you will also receive a FairyTale animal as bonus reward.

Farmville FairyTale Fields Breeding Pens

FairyTale Aviary + Smitten Chicken (bonus reward)
FairyTale AviarySmitten Chicken

FairyTale Pasture + Fairyland Cow (bonus reward)
FairyTale PastureFairyland Cow

FairyTale Paddock + Fairy Carriage Horse (bonus reward)
FairyTale PaddockFairy Carriage Horse

FairyTale Livestock Pen + Pixie Dust Sheep (bonus reward)
FairyTale Livestock PenPixie Dust Sheep

FairyTale Pet Run + Charmed Dog (bonus reward)
FairyTale Pet RunCharmed Dog

FairyTale Wildlife Pen + Storyland Bear (bonus reward)
FairyTale Wildlife PenStoryland Bear

FairyTale Zoo Pen + Black Jaguar (bonus reward)
FairyTale ZooBlack Jaguar

FarmVille FairyTale Fields Storage Buildings

FairyTale OrchardFairyTale Gnome Garden
FairyTale OrchardFairyTale Gnome Garden

FairyTale GarageFairyTale Chicken Coop
FairyTale GarageFairyTale Chicken Coop

FairyTale StorageFairyland Market Stall
FairyTale StorageFairyland Market Stall

FarmVille FairyTale Fields Crafting Buildings

FairyTale Craftshop – FairyTale Fairy Forum
FairyTale CraftshopFairyTale Fairy Forum

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