FarmVille FairyTale Fields Levels and Leveling Rewards

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Like other previous expansions, FarmVille FairyTale Fields has its own unique scoring or leveling point system known as FairyTale Points!

As with previous expansions, all players will start at Level 1 in FairyTale Fields regardless of your level on your Home Farm or other expansions.

As you score FairyTale Points and level up, you will receive leveling rewards mainly consumable items.

The chart below shows you the FairyTale level and the leveling reward at each level. This will serve as a reference guide as you level up in FarmVille FairyTale Fields.

FairyTale Point LevelRewardFairyTale Point LevelReward
1N/A262 Magic Wand
2Turbo Charger
27Insta Grow Potion
3Small Can of Fuel
28Small Can of Fuel
292 Enchanted Wings
5Magic Wand
6Enchanted Wings
31Super Fertilizer
7Super Fertilizer
322 Pixie Dust
8Pixie Dust
332 Turbo Charger
9Magic Wand
342 Magic Wand
10Turbo Charger
352 Enchanted Wings
11Enchanted Wings
362 Pixie Dust
12Pixie Dust
372 Magic Wand
13Insta Grow Potion
382 Enchanted Wings
14Magic Wand
392 Magic Wand
15Small Can of Fuel

40Insta Grow Potion
41Large Can of Fuel

17Enchanted Wings
422 Magic Wand
18Pixie Dust
43Super Fertilizer
19Super Fertilizer
44Insta Grow Potion
20Magic Wand
452 Enchanted Wings
21Enchanted Wings
462 Pixie Dust
22Pixie Dust
472 Magic Wand
232 Magic Wand
482 Enchanted Wings
242 Enchanted Wings
492 Pixie Dust
25Turbo Charger

50Turbo Charger

Are you ready to build your FairyTale Fields farm and level up with FairyTale Points? Feel free to post your comments below and share the info with your friends if you find it helpful.

Happy Farming!

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