FarmVille FairyTale Fields Magic Garden Guide

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FarmVille FairyTale Fields Magic GardenFarmVille FairyTale Fields has a unique self-contained animal crafting building known as the Magic Garden. This feature is similar to the Arabian Stallions with new fabled creatures to be crafted.

When this feature is available to your farm, you will receive the popup to place the Magic Garden. You can access it from the Magic Garden icon on your toolbar.
Magic Garden

Harvesting Raw Ingredients
You can collect raw ingredients from harvestible items to craft items for your animals. The harvestible items are:

Infinity Bird Bath, Magic Corals, Fairy Mines, Rainbow Gold Pot, Storybook Wishing Well, Spell Chest, and The Rabbit Hole.
Infinity Bird BathMagic CoralsFairy MinesRainbow Gold PotStorybook Wishing WellSpell ChestThe Rabbit Hole

As in the Arabian Stallions, all harvestible items in the Magic Garden (FairyTale Fields) will unlock at Level 2.

Home Pen and Expansion
Raw ingredients harvested are stored in your Home Pen. The Home Pen will start with a capacity of 20 storage spaces each. It can be expanded with the following parts for more storage:

Soil of Wisdom, Fairy Beans and Refilling Pail
Soil of WisdomFairy BeansRefilling Pail
Note: Each storage expansion requires 8 of each part and grants you 5 extra storage spaces.

Home Pen parts can be obtained by:

  • Crafting in the Craftshop with bushels
  • Filling recipes for rewards
  • Purchase with Farm Cash

  • Soil Of WisdomWhite Squills bushelsRed Jade Vine bushelsEggplant White bushels
    Soil Of Wisdom can be crafted in 6 hours from 3 White Squills bushels, 4 Red Jade Vine bushels and 3 Eggplant White bushels.

    Fairy BeansQueen Sheeba Orchid bushelsCampion bushelsMagic Oats bushels
    Fairy Beans can be crafted in 6 hours from 3 Queen Sheeba Orchid bushels, 4 Campion bushels and 3 Magic Oats bushels.

    Refilling PailSandersonia Flowers bushelsFairy Rhubarbs bushelsSky Radish bushels
    Refilling Pail can be crafted in 6 hours from 4 Sandersonia Flowers bushels, 4 Fairy Rhubarbs bushels and 4 Sky Radish bushels.

    Crafting Goods
    You can use crafting machines to make recipes to craft animals. The machines are:

    Hanging Fountain, Coral Works, Alchemist Hat, Arcade Machine, Golden Anvil, Potions Cabinet, and Magic Purifier.
    Hanging FountainCoral WorksAlchemist HatArcade MachineGolden AnvilPotions CabinetMagic Purifier

    Crafting Recipes
    You can craft these recipes in the following crafting machines/stations.

    Hanging Fountain + recipes (Bottle of Charmed Water, Gnomish Time Keeper, High Score Card)
    Hanging FountainBottle of Charmed WaterGnomish Time KeeperHigh Score Card

    Coral Works + recipes (Flower Essence, Flower Wand, Magic Tokens, Golden Wind Chime)
    Coral WorksFlower EssenceFlower WandMagic TokensGolden Wind Chime

    Alchemist Hat + recipes (Youth Potion, Boots of Swiftness, Pixie Rabbit, Sunshine Fruit, Witch’s Brew)
    Alchemist HatYouth PotionBoots of SwiftnessPixie RabbitSunshine FruitWitch's Brew

    Arcade Machine + recipes (Coral Earrings, Kaliedoscope Glasses, Light Ray Assimilator, Warmth of Gold, Laughter Dust, Crystal Extract)
    Arcade MachineCoral EarringsKaliedoscope GlassesLight Ray AssimilatorWarmth of GoldLaughter DustCrystal Extract

    Golden Anvil + recipes (Necklace of the Sea, Nature’s Ring, Golden Dust Gloves, Potion of Mirth, Growth Grog, Mince of Might)
    Golden AnvilNecklace of the SeaNature's RingGolden Dust GlovesPotion of MirthGrowth GrogMince of Might

    Potions Cabinet + recipes (Marine Anklets, God Mode Pass, Gold Dust Feathers, Itchy Concoction, Liquid Fire, Magic Jerky)
    Potions CabinetMarine AnkletsGod Mode PassGold Dust FeathersItchy ConcoctionLiquid FireMagic Jerky

    Magic Purifier + recipes (Bubble Bracelet, Cheat Sheet, Golden Girdle, Giggle Gas)
    Magic PurifierBubble BraceletCheat SheetGolden GirdleGiggle Gas

    Play Area and Expansion
    Crafted goods from crafting machines are stored in your Play Area. The Play Area starts with a capacity of 15 storage spaces each. It can be expanded with the following parts for more storage:

    Coral Stones, Magic Shovel and Revolving Sprinklers
    Coral StonesMagic ShovelRevolving Sprinklers
    Note: Each expansion requires 8 of each part and grants you 5 extra storage spaces.

    Play Area parts can be obtained by:

  • Crafting in the Craftshop with bushels
  • Filling recipes for rewards
  • Purchase with Farm Cash

  • Coral StonesBleeding Heart bushelsWhite Saffron bushelsYellow Toadstool bushels
    Coral Stones can be crafted in 6 hours from 3 Bleeding Heart bushels, 4 White Saffron bushels and 3 Yellow Toadstool bushels.

    Magic ShovelPurple Dianthus bushelsPixie Mushrooms bushelsRainbow Carrots bushels
    Magic Shovel can be crafted in 6 hours from 3 Purple Dianthus bushels, 4 Pixie Mushrooms bushels and 3 Rainbow Carrots bushels.

    Revolving SprinklersWhiteEastern Plumeria bushelsBlue Pineapples bushels
    Revolving Sprinklers can be crafted in 6 hours from 4 White Dianthus bushels, 4 Eastern Plumeria bushels and 4 Blue Pineapples bushels.

    Animal Recipes
    You can use both raw ingredients and crafted goods to fill recipes and craft animals. You can view the progress of the animal by simply clicking on the animal you’re working on.

    Note: You have to fill each animal’s recipe in order to craft it and unlock the next animal in line!

    Animals 1-5Animals 6-10Animals 11-15
    1. Steady Tortoise6. Honey Bear11. Moon Horn Deer
    2. Red Granny Wolf7. Quick Brown Rabbit12. Tamed Fairy Pegasus
    3. Little Pig Tom8. Prized Chicken13. White Mountain Lion
    4. Little Pig Bob9. Jadefire Gazelle14. Fairytale Pegacorn
    5. Little Pig Harry10. Hover Sheep15. Magic Dust Pegacorn

    Complete your Animal Collection
    Complete all 15 animals and you can win a BONUS Animal, a Fairytale Pegasus.

    What do you think of the Magic Garden feature? Do you like fabled creatures?

    Happy farming!

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