FarmVille Farmer’s Square Mini Expansion

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Welcome to Farmer’s Square, FarmVille’s newest mini expansion farm (formerly referred to as The Village Town Farm).

This Farmer’s Square mini expansion is scheduled to be released on 3rd February 2014.

Like Hanging Gardens, Farmer’s Square is a special mini-expansion farm designed with a special purpose. It’s a whole new town of crafting, prizes and fun where you will craft goods to fill orders from the town in your workshops to earn exclusive prizes! You are free to decorate the farm in whichever way you like.

FarmVille Farmer’s Square Image 1FarmVille Farmer’s Square Image 2FarmVille Farmer’s Square Image 3FarmVille Farmer’s Square

Now travel to Farmer’s Square… and start building and crafting recipes in your workshops to fill orders and unlock new recipes and new workshops.

Note: This feature will be rolling out gradually to all players. So if you don’t have it yet, be patient!

Here’s a preview of some of the unreleased decorative buildings in Farmer’s Square:

Chateau Farm HouseCove School HouseDrive-in TheaterHoliday Opera HouseIrish Farm HouseSea Cottage HouseStone House RecolorThanksgiving CottageWorld CottageWinter Farm House

Leveling in Farmer’s Square
Just like every expansion farm, Farmer’s Square will have it’s own set of point leveling system known as Village Points. You will learn how to level up in Farmer’s Square.

Village Point IconVillage Point Bar

Farmer’s Square Village Levels and Unlockables

LevelPointsUnlock ItemLevelPointsUnlock Item
1--3164784Steam Engine Boxcar
250Clydesdale Flower Saddle
3266080Daisy the Pegasus
3252Cat House in a Tree
3367402Candy Swirl Tree
4506Polka Dot Pony
34687501950s Play Horse
5813Classic Pink Convertible
3570125Sheriff Sheep
61174Puppy Wagon
3671527Rosie the Horse
71590Tennesee Pegacorn
3772958Rose Petal Kitty Cat
82062Farm Pomegranate Tree
3874417Soda Pop Tree
92591Ice Cream Truck
3975905Fire Station
103295Vinyl Tree
4077423Coin Operated Horse
114059Police Station
4178972Sea Cottage House
124882Drive in Theatre
4280551Drive in Theater
135767Gummy Ball Tree
4382162Clydesdale Flower Saddle
146713Giant Christmas Tree
4483805Cat House in a Tree
157924Farm Jukebox
4585481Polka Dot Pony
169200Steam Engine Boxcar
4687191Classic Pink Convertible
1710674Daisy the Pegasus
4788935Puppy Wagon
1812369Candy Swirl Tree
4890714Tennesee Pegacorn
19141351950s Play Horse
4992528Farm Pomegranate Tree
2016526Sheriff Sheep
5094378Gummy Ball Tree
2118996Rosie the Horse
5196266Giant Christmas Tree
2221807Rose Petal Kitty Cat
5298191Farm Jukebox
2325000Soda Pop Tree
53100155Village Mini Horse
2428293Fire Station
54102158Treehouse Tree
2532716Coin Operated Horse
55104201Vinyl Tree
2637258Sea Cottage House
56106285Drive in Theater
2742397Deputy Dog
57108411Ice Cream Truck
2848205Village Mini Horse
58Ice Cream TruckFarm Carousel
2954766Treehouse Tree
59112791Deputy Dog
3063514Farm Carousel
60115047Police Station

Similarly Farmer’s Square will have it’s own unique currency. You can get Farmer’s Square Coins from completing recipes and filling orders to unlock new recipes and buildings. Of course, you can also buy more Farmer’s Square Coins for Farm Cash.

Farmers Square GoldNew Buildings UnlockedNew Recipes Unlocked

Now here are all the familiar faces you will see showing up in Farmers Square’s workshops.


Harvest these ingredients from Farmer’s Square Workshops to craft recipes.

WorkshopsIngredient HarvestedUnlock At F.S. LevelTime Between Harvests
Lumber Mill
Wood Plank
3 Mins
Supply Shop
Basic Nail
8.5 Hours
Dairy Farm
Bottle of Milk
4 Hours
Recycling Center
4 Hours
Wheat Silo
12 Hours
Cotton Mill
12 Hours

Craft these Recipes in Farmer’s Square Workshops from ingredients gathered.

WorkshopsCrafting Recipes(Craft Time / Points Earned) 
Lumber Mill
Simple Bench

(5 Mins / 11 Points)
Portable Chair

(5 Mins / 12 Points)
Wood Sheet

(5 Mins / 5 Points)
Child’s Rocking Horse

(5 Mins / 17 Points)
Old English Desk

(5 Mins / 12 Points)
Picnic Table

(5 Mins / 218 Points)
Wood Set

(5 Mins / 11 Points)
White Lounge Chair

(5 Mins / 48 Points)
Hang Out Table

(5 Mins / 454 Points)
Supply Shop
Lovely Frame

(12 Mins / 9 Points)

(12 Mins / 15 Points)
Maple Wood Crate

(12 Mins / 7 Points)
Orange Hammer

(12 Mins / 143 Points)
Blue Tool Box

(12 Mins / 26 Points)
Wood Cutting Saw

(12 Mins / 32 Points)
Candy Box

(12 Mins / 174 Points)
Tree Axe

(12 Mins / 46 Points)
Guitar Box Set

(12 Mins / 311 Points)
Dairy Farm
Cup of Milk

(6 Hours / 360 Points)
Quart of Milk

(6 Hours / 567 Points)
Stick of Butter

(6 Hours / 567 Points)
Crate of Milk

(6 Hours / 385 Points)
Gallon of Milk

(6 Hours / 990 Points)

(6 Hours / 799 Points)
Bucket of Milk Cream

(6 Hours / 605 Points)
Bowl of Cereal

(6 Hours / 610 Points)
Recycling Center
Empty Can

(4 Hours / 240 Points)
Box of Soda

(4 Hours / 396 Points)
Fine Aluminum

(4 Hours / 281 Points)
Instrument Strings

(4 Hours / 360 Points)
Wheat Silo
Loaf of Bread

(13 Hours / 720 Points)
Soft Dough

(13 Hours / 742 Points)
Cheese Pizza

(13 Hours / 954 Points)
Corn Bread

(13 Hours / 792 Points)
Cheese Crepe

(13 Hours / 1035 Points)
Raisin Cookies

(13 Hours / 1296 Points)
Cookies and Milk

(13 Hours / 1350 Points)
Fresh Buttered Bread

(13 Hours / 936 Points)
Cotton Mill
Cotton Sheet

(14 Hours / 970 Points)

(14 Hours / 1890 Points)
Outdoor Table

(14 Hours / 1980 Points)
Wicker Pool Chair

(14 Hours / 1242 Points)
Hawaiian Shirt

(14 Hours / 1656 Points)
Men Suit

(14 Hours / 1296 Points)

Harvest these consumables from Farmer’s Square Town Shops: Fuel Refill, Turbo Charger and Unwither.

Town ShopsStageHarvest RewardNo. of Harvests to Level UpHarvest Time
Corner Gas Station

(Unlock at F.S. Level 3)
01x Fuel Refill
Fuel Refill
12 Hours
12x Fuel Refill
12 Hours
24x Fuel Refill
6 Hours
36x Fuel Refill
6 Hours
46x Fuel Refill
4 Hours
Mechanic Shop

(Unlock at F.S. Level 10)
01x Turbo Charger
Turbo Charger
12 Hours
12x Turbo Charger
12 Hours
23x Turbo Charger
6 Hours
34x Turbo Charger
6 Hours
45x Turbo Charger
4 Hours

(Unlock at F.S. Level 15)
01x Unwither
12 Hours
12x Unwither
12 Hours
22x Unwither
6 Hours
33x Unwither
6 Hours
43x Unwither
4 Hours

Click here to check out Farmer’s Square Mini Quests.

It’s time to get crafty!

Have fun exploring, crafting and decorating on Farmer’s Square!

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