FarmVille Fields Of El Dorado Characters

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With FarmVille getting so close to releasing the FarmVille Fields of El Dorado, let’s meet the characters on the new farm before it goes live and hear their stories and adventures through the FarmVille Fields Of El Dorado quests.


Canek 1Canek 2Canek 3
Canek 4Canek 5Canek 6

Jungle Duke

JungleDuke 1JungleDuke 2JungleDuke 3
JungleDuke 4JungleDuke 5JungleDuke 6


Nicte 1Nicte 2Nicte 3
Nicte 4Nicte 5Nicte 6


Sunny 1Sunny 2Sunny 3
Sunny 4Sunny 5Sunny 6

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