FarmVille Fields of El Dorado Farm Preview and Early Access

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Fields of El Dorado Early AccessHowdy farmers, FarmVille will be releasing a new Rainforest themed farm called the Fields of El Dorado very soon!

The early access is expected to go live on Monday, 6th January, 2014 for 45 Farm Cash.

Here’s a preview video showing you what you can expect to find on the Fields of El Dorado Farm.

Early Access: Monday 6th January, 2014
Cost: 45 Farm Cash
Free Gifts: Traveler Starter Pack, Jungle Combine and a Feather Mane Horse
Traveler Starter PackJungle CombineFeather Mane Horse

>>> Click here for a first look at FarmVille Fields of El Dorado.

Aren’t you excited to explore deep into the rainforest of FarmVille Fields of El Dorado and level up with Rainforest Points?

Do you like the rainforest-themed Fields of El Dorado Farm?

Be sure to spread the news to all your FarmVille friends to keep them informed.

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