FarmVille Flower Festival House Farmstand

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Coming Up Next! Autumn Garden Farmstand

FarmVille Flower Festival House FarmstandFarmVille will be rolling out a new Flower Festival House Farmstand. The Flower Festival House Farmstand will be a 21 day event starting on 23rd August 2016 after the State Farm Band Farmstand and end on 13th September 2016.

You will place the the Flower Festival House and “ask for sales” and “buy from your friends” by clicking on their posts on the news feed (you aren’t actually buying anything!), instead you get help simply by clicking on posts and you’ll get a sale by helping your friends.

Flower Festival House

There’s also a new prize to be won daily. If you come in first among your neighbors or globally, you will earn FarmVille Fame! (sorry no more tropies)

More info on the Flower Festival House Farmstand
1. Ask for sales and buy from friends every 3 hours (via news feed)
2. Win up to 22 awesome prizes.
3. Become the first Flower Festival House Farmstand in FarmVille.
4. Win exclusive items and FarmVille fame.

Flower Festival House Farmstand Rewards
Here’s a first look at the confirmed daily prizes for the Flower Festival House Farmstand.

Day 1: Flower Bunch Tree
Day 2: Floral Cart
Day 3: Flower Festival Tree
Flower Bunch TreeFloral CartFlower Festival Tree
Day 4: Summer Flower Cat
Day 5: Sparkly Flower Tree
Day 6: Floral Wishing Well
Summer Flower CatSparkly Flower TreeFloral Wishing Well
Day 7: Pretty Summer Gnomette
Day 8: Shrub Sheep
Day 9: Chipmunk Flower Bath
Pretty Summer GnometteShrub SheepChipmunk Flower Bath
Day 10: Flower Tiara Pig
Day 11: Summer Flower Garden
Day 12: Floral Spewing Cauldron
Flower Tiara PigSummer Flower GardenFloral Spewing Cauldron
Day 13: Summer Fashion Hippo
Day 14: Viney Alpaca
Day 15: Garden Waterfall
Summer Fashion HippoViney AlpacaGarden Waterfall
Day 16: Summer Petals Puppies
Day 17: Garden Queen Cow
Day 18: Fountain Pixie
Summer Petals PuppiesGarden Queen CowFountain Pixie
Day 19: Flower Winged Pegacorn
Day 20: Fairy Queen Deer
Day 21: Twirly Pony
Flower Winged PegacornFairy Queen DeerTwirly Pony

Do you like the Flower Festival House Farmstand prizes?

Happy Farming!

Coming Up Next! Autumn Garden Farmstand

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