FarmVille Garden of Gifts 2017

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Garden of GiftsToss rings with Kelly the Fairy to unwrap amazing rewards!

FarmVille will be releasing a revamped feature called the Garden of Gifts. This feature will be quite similar to Hungry Santa and the Mystery Game whereby you will be playing a ring toss to win some awesome prizes.

You will be able to post for 3 tokens every 3 hours (each post is limited to 5 clicks) and trade them for rings in order to play the ring toss. When you have collected 5 tokens, you can trade them in for a ring to win prizes. Each post is a give one get one type and there is presumably a limit cap at 15 tokens per day from friends.

You will need a total of up to 375 tokens to turn in 75 rings to win all the prizes for all 3 gift sets.

Unwrap all the giftsCongrats

Garden of Gifts Rewards
When you win a ring toss with Kelly the Flower Fairy, you will be entitled to some amazing rewards. The rewards include the Party Rocking Pegacorn, Party Popper Gnome, Party Lover Camel, Party Rooster and others.

Here are the 3 sets of Garden of Gifts rewards you can win at the ring toss.

Gift Set 1 of 3
Party Rocking Pegacorn
Party Popper Gnome
Party Lover Camel
Party Rocking PegacornParty Popper GnomeParty Lover Camel
Party Goer Goat
Party Cat
PartycornParty Goer GoatParty Cat
Gift Set 2 of 3
Black Tie Party Tree
Pool Party Cat
Party Rooster
Black Tie Party TreePool Party CatParty Rooster
Party Animal Pegacorn
Party Table
Party Host Goat
Party Animal PegacornParty TableParty Host Goat
Gift Set 3 of 3
Pizza Party Pig
Partying Chicken
Party Time Pegacorn
Pizza Party PigPartying ChickenParty Time Pegacorn
Pool Party
Holiday Party Horse
Party Rhino
Pool PartyHoliday Party HorseParty Rhino

Wish you good luck at the Garden of Gifts!

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