FarmVille Hanging Gardens Decorations

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The upcoming Hanging Gardens will have its own special decorations. Below is a sneak peek of the unreleased decorations.

Hanging Gardens Decorations

Jade Park 
Jade  Bushes
Botanical Planter
Jade Waterfall
Jade Zen Garden
Aztec Cow Statue
Aztec Duck Totem
Botanical Fountain
Botanical Statue
Gem Swan
Global Gnome
Gold Garden
Jade Dragon Fountain
Rainforest Fountain (Gives Instagrow)
Rainforest Vine Plant
World Vase
Gem Waterfall
Rainforest Jungle
Lily Fairy Gnome
World Cottage
Jade Centerpiece
Aztec Centerpiece
Gem Centerpiece
World Centerpiece

For more info on Hanging Gardens, please visit: FarmVille Hanging Gardens Guide.

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