FarmVille Hanging Gardens Guide

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Welcome to the Hanging Gardens!

Like the Sunflower Meadows and Angler’s Pond, the Hanging Gardens is a special mini-expansion farm designed with a special purpose. It’s a place for you to uncover special rewards you might not find anywhere else, and then you are free to decorate the farm in whichever way you want to. Once you finish clearing all the Hanging Gardens stages, you get a really amazing reward—you can harvest it once a week for Insta-Grow!


Now travel to the mysterious Hanging Gardens… and unlock wonderful treasures! Each time you plant and harvest crops, or harvest animal pens and orchards, you’ll pick up some Golden Trowels that you can use to clear away grasses in the Gardens and uncover fabulous rewards.

Note: This feature will be rolling out gradually to all players. So if you don’t have it yet, be patient!


Traveling to Hanging Gardens
You can access the Hanging Gardens in a number of ways. You can either click on:

  • the Hanging Gardens icon on the right hand side of your screen,
  • the Hanging Gardens image in the travel menu or
  • the “Hanging Gardens” icon in the Neighbor Bar.

  • HangingGardens_HUDHangingGardens_TravelMenuHangingGardens_NeighborBar

    Arrival at Hanging Gardens

    HangingGardens_FirstLookUpon your arrival at the Hanging Gardens, you’ll be greeted by Farmer Bob who will guide you through the process of how Hanging Gardens works and begin clearing your first batch of Tall Grass with Golden Trowels.


    About Golden Trowels
    Tall grass covers most of Hanging Gardens when you first arrive, and it can only be cleared with Golden Trowels. You’ll start out with 300 Trowels, just enough to clear two plots of Tall Grass:


    You can get more Golden Trowels in the following ways:

  • Plow, plant, and harvest any crop on any Farm.
  • Harvest your animal pens and orchards on any Farm.
  • Craft Trowels in the Garden Tool Shed

  • Golden TrowelGarden Tool Shed

    Crafting Golden Trowels
    You can find most of your Golden Trowels just by farming, but you can supplement them by crafting more! To craft Trowels, you’ll need these bushels as ingredients:

    TurmericAmber GrainGolden Ore

  • Turmeric: Harvest on your Farm or get from friends
  • Amber Grain: Harvest on your Farm or get from friends
  • Golden Ore: You can only get this by planting and harvesting on your own Farm!

  • When starting out, you can only craft 20 Trowels at a time but as you continue crafting more Trowels, you will unlock additional slots in your Garden Tool Shed, and as you unlock more levels in Hanging Gardens, you’ll unlock the ability to craft Trowels in batches of 40 and 80!

    Golden Trowel Ingredients
    Once you have enough ingredients to make some Trowels, click on “Make It!” Trowels take 16 hours to complete, but you can speed up the process with Farm Cash if you’re impatient.

    Clearing the Tall Grass
    Once you’ve got some Golden Trowels, you can use them to clear plots of Tall Grass in Hanging Gardens. Clearing Tall Grass is similar to uncovering treasures in other expansion farms: hover your mouse over the plot you would like to clear and click “Use” to get rid of the grass:


    Every time you clear a plot of tall grass, you’ll find a gift that will go into your Gift Box! You will also sometimes uncover an additional treasure that was hiding in the grass:


    The Worlds of Hanging Gardens
    Hanging Gardens consists of a series of stages that as you unlock, you progress further. Each stage requires a few more Trowels to unlock than the one before it. To advance to the next stage, you will also have to restore broken bridges between the stages using your Trowels.

    Here is a breakdown of the different stages of Hanging Gardens and the order in which you’ll unlock them:

    Stage 1 – Botanical Stage
    Stage 2 – Aztec Stage
    Stage 3 – Jade Stage
    Stage 4 – World Stage
    Stage 5 – Gem Stage
    Stage 6 – Final Stage

    HangingGardens_StagesEach world has a different theme. The treasures you will uncover in each world goes along with its theme, e.g. Botanical Treasure for the Botanical theme.

    Restoring Broken Bridges or Walls

    Stage 1: Botanical Ruined Bridge – Needs 150 Trowels
    Stage 1: Botanical Ruined Wall – Needs 160 Trowels
    Stage 2: Aztec Ruined Wall – Needs 170 Trowels
    Stage 3: Jade Ruined Bridge – Needs 210 Trowels
    Stage 4: World Vertical Ruined Wall – Needs 240 Trowels
    Stage 4: World Horizontal Ruined Wall – Needs 310 Trowels
    Stage 5: Gem Ruined Treasure – Needs 350 Trowels
    Stage 5: Gem Ruined Wall – Needs 400 Trowels
    Stage 6: Final Treasure – Needs 440 Trowels

    Decorating the Hanging Gardens
    You can plow, plant and harvest crops in Hanging Gardens just like on any other Farm. You can also decorate it with whatever items you want. There is a storage cellar located on Hanging Gardens that is already linked to all the storage buildings on your other Farms, so decorate the Garden with items you already have, or get some new ones! It’s completely up to you!


    You can check out out these Hanging Garden items:
    Hanging Garden Animals
    Hanging Garden Decorations
    Hanging Garden Trees

    Finishing Hanging Gardens
    You can get enough Trowels to finish Hanging Gardens by farming like you normally do and also by crafting. Work your way through Hanging Gardens at the pace you want to go, and when you complete the entire thing, including the fountain at the very top of the Gardens, you can harvest it once a week for an Insta-Grow!

    Instagrow Fountain

    Hope you like restoring and decorating your Hanging Gardens…

    Have fun exploring!

    Updated: April 3, 2013

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