FarmVille Hanging Gardens Mini-Farm Coming Soon!

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Red Chinese DragonFarmVille will be releasing a new concept mini-farm called the Hanging Gardens very soon! The Early Access phase is expected to go live on 1st April, 2013 and will cost 45 Farm Cash. You’ll get a Red Chinese Dragon as an Early Access Gift. (Do note that this item is purchasable in the Asian Farm Market for 24 Farm Cash).

Below is a sneak peek at some of the unreleased images to give you a preview of the new farm.

  • Complete the Hanging Gardens and harvest it for Instant Grow.
  • Uncover exclusive animals, trees, decorations, and treasures.

  • Hanging Gardens Popup

    What do you think of the upcoming Hanging Gardens? Will you be playing this new mini farm during early access and unlock some cool treasures and the Instagrow (Rainforest) Fountain?

    Instagrow Fountain

    For more info on Hanging Gardens, please visit: FarmVille Hanging Gardens Guide.

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