FarmVille Hanging Gardens: Treasure Content

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Now that you have access to Hanging Gardens, I’m sure you’d be interested to know what exactly are the treasures you can expect to uncover in Hanging Gardens. Alright here are the content of the treasures that you can uncover with Golden Trowels.

1. When clearing Tall Grass, you can expect to uncover these treasures for each Hanging Gardens stage (or theme area).

* Items uncoverable from Center Treasures in the respective theme areas
Center Treasure

Botanical Treasures
(150 Trowels)
Aztec Treasures
(170 Trowels)
Jade Treasures
(210 Trowels)
World Treasures
(270 Trowels)
Gem Treasures
(350 Trowels)
Final Treasures
(440 Trowels)

Rainbow Magnolia Tree*

Golden Winged Pony*

Samurai Duck*

3x Unwither*

Gem Waterfall*

Mayan Dancer Duck

Mystery Game Dart

Giant Gold Chain Tree

Jade Dragon Fountain

Giant Fleur de Lis Tree

3x Unwither

Dragonfly Pond

Spring Pegasus

Gold Dragon

Turtle Island

Outback Horse

Amethyst Pegacorn

Mini Fairy Barn

Rainbow Pond


5 Farmhands


5 Farmhands


Flower Goat

3 Pack of Turbos

Maple Bonsai II

3 Pack of Turbos

3 Pack of Turbos

3 Pack of Turbos

3 Pack of Turbos

Golden Fountain

Mystery Game Dart

10 Coral Crowbars

10 Coral Crowbars

Mystic Water Tree

Springly Puppy



Mystery Game Dart

Mystery Game Dart

3x Mystery Game Dart

Blossoming Tree

10 Coral Keys

Animal Pen Mastery Totem I

World Cottage

Mini Prism Castle

Mystical Tropical Tree


Fertilize All

Giant Dragon Boat Tree

Fleur de Lis Fountain

5x Fertilize All

Fertilize All


10 Fuel Refill

Fertilize All

10 Fuel Refill

10 Fuel Refill

10 Fuel Refill

10 Fuel Refill


5x Arborist




Lily Fairy Gnome

Fairy Gold Tree

Weeping Berry Tree

Purple Tulip Tree

Gem Cow

Mystical Horse

Fertilize All

Gold Garden

Zen Gnome

Global Gnome

Alexandrite Gnome

Butterfly Fountain

Big Glittery Butterfly Tree

Winged Golden Lion

Large Can of Fuel

Irish Lake

Rainbow Prism Bonsai

Light Mist Pegacorn
Jade Fan Tree

Natural Mini Horse

Jade Pig

3x Unwither
Feisty Gem Tree

2. You can also find these additional treasures hiding among the Tall Grass for each Hanging Gardens stage (or theme area).

Botanical Area Aztec
Final Area

Botanical Fountain

Aztec Centerpiece

Jade Park

World Vase x4

Gem Swan

Firefly Lamp x2

Botanical Planter

Aztec Cow Statue x2

Jade Waterfall

World Centerpiece

Gem Sheep

Rainforest Vineplant x2

Botanical Statue x2

Aztec Duck Totem

Jade Zen Garden

Gem Centerpiece

Rainforest Dragon

Flower Lamp Post

Jade Bush x3

Giant Flower

Jade Centerpiece

3. When restoring Broken Bridges or Walls, you can expect these treasures to drop for each Hanging Gardens stage (or theme area).

Botanical Ruined Bridge
(150 Trowels)
Aztec Ruined Wall
(170 Trowels)
Jade Ruined Bridge
(210 Trowels)
World Horizontal Ruined Wall
(310 Trowels)
Gem Ruined Wall
(400 Trowels)

Botanical Monster

Golden Deer

Jade War Horse

Global Cow

Emerald Gem Unicorn

Have fun treasure hunting!

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