FarmVille Hanging Gardens: Treasures

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The Hanging Gardens will have with its own unique Treasures.

Tall Grass Treasures

Small Square TreasureLarge Square Treasure

Below are more information on Tall Grass Treasures:

You will be able to uncover different rewards at each stage in Hanging Gardens. By opening one Hanging Gardens treasure, you will unlock the next treasure in a predefined sequence. In order to open the Treasures, you will need Golden Trowels which can be collected in the following ways:

  • Plow, plant, and harvest any crop on any Farm.
  • Harvest your animal pens and orchards on any Farm.
  • Craft Trowels in the Garden Tool Shed.

  • Golden TrowelGarden Tool Shed

    Restoring Broken Bridges or Walls
    At each stage of Hanging Gardens, there will be bridges or walls to be restored. The number of trowels required are as listed in the table below:

    Botanical Ruined Bridge
    (150 Trowels)
    Botanical Ruined Wall
    (160 Trowels)
    Aztec Ruined Wall
    (170 Trowels)
    Jade Ruined Bridge
    (210 Trowels)
    World Vertical Ruined Wall
    (240 Trowels)
    World Horizontal Ruined Wall
    (310 Trowels)
    Gem Ruined Bridge
    (350 Trowels)
    Gem Ruined Wall
    (400 Trowels)
    Final Treasure
    (440 Trowels)

    Below are more information on Bridge/Wall Restoration:

    For more info on Hanging Gardens, please visit: FarmVille Hanging Gardens Guide.

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