FarmVille Legend of Tengguan Early Access Begins on 17th April 2017!

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Howdy farmers, FarmVille is set to release an all new Legend of Tengguan farm and take us into the ancient lands of the Thai!

Early Access is scheduled to go LIVE on Monday, 17th April 2017 for the usual 45 Farm Cash. General Access will be available on Monday, 24th April 2017.

Here’s what you can expect to get on Legend of Tengguan farm during Early Access.

Legend of Tengguan Early Access

Early Access Period: 17th April to 24th April 2017

Cost: 45 Farm Cash

Free Gifts:
• 3 Exclusive Early Access Crops
• Bonus Animal
• Legend of Tengguan Combine
• Legend of Tengguan Avatar Costumes
• Legend of Tengguan Starter Pack
Exclusive Early Access quest chain
• Double Bushels during Early Access Week
• Free Fuel during Early Access Week

Exclusive Early Access Crops: Nariphon Fruit, Rose Star Flower and Thai Marigold Fruit.

Nariphon FruitRose Star FlowerThai Marigold Fruit

Bonus Animal (Garuda Pegacorn), Legend of Tengguan Combine, Legend of Tengguan Male and Female costumes and Legend of Tengguan Starter Pack.

Garuda PegacornLegend of Tengguan CombineLegend of Tengguan Male CostumeLegend of Tengguan Female CostumeLegend of Tengguan Starter Pack

The Legend of Tengguan Starter Pack (188 FC Value) includes a Thai Tunic Goat, a Thai Dancer Tree, Thai Welcome, 18 Shrine of Tengguan Parts, 32 Treasure Parts, and 400 Tengguan Points!

Thai Tunic GoatThai Dancer TreeThai Welcome

Are you excited to explore FarmVille Legend of Tengguan and level up with Tengguan points?

Be sure to spread the news to all your FarmVille friends to keep them informed.

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