FarmVille Lonely Animal: White Mustang Featured On Farms!

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Howdy Farmers!

Looks like a lonely animal has wandered on to your farm.

If you are level 5 and above, after playing on your farm, you’ll get a prompt that “a lonely animal has wandered on to your farm”.

After clicking on the pop-up, your screen will move towards the borders of your farm – there you will see a lonely White Mustang!

If you still have the Empires and Allies Billboard on your farm, click on the billboard and check the box that allows you to remove the cross promo and then click “maybe later”.

After removing the billboard, you should now see a white mustang hanging outside your farm. When you click on the white mustang, you’ll see a pop-up like this:

Rescuing the lonely animal requires 5 friends to help out. You can also buy your way into saving the animal as well with 20 Farm Cash.

Remember you have 3 days to find 5 friends to help. To keep track of the elapsed time, simply mouse over the lonely animal and you’ll be able to see the timer. After 72 hours has elapsed, you will be given the option to save the animal by buying it or to let it go. You also have the option to opt out of the lonely animal by clicking on the radio button on the bottom on the pop up.

Once you have your 5 friends crew or if you unlocked with Farm Cash, you’ll be able to keep the White Mustang. You’ll find him in your Gift box. You’ll also get a chance to share the white mustang with your friends.

After 14 days, you might find another lonely animal hanging around your farm.

Happy Farming!

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