FarmVille Mediterranean Riviera Breeding Pens and Buildings With Purpose

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As FarmVille is getting ready to release the FarmVille Mediterranean Riviera farm, here’s a preview of the Mediterranean Riviera Buildings With Purpose that will be deployed in the upcoming FarmVille Mediterranean Riviera farm for breeding, storage and crafting purposes.

Upon completing each breeding pen, you will get to receive these Riviera animals as a bonus reward.

FarmVille Mediterranean Riviera Breeding Pens

Riviera Aviary and Italian Rooster
Riviera AviaryItalian Rooster

Riviera Pasture and Spanish Bull
Riviera PastureSpanish Bull

Riviera Paddock and Menorquin Horse
Riviera PaddockMenorquin Horse

Riviera Livestock Pen and Cinta Sinese Pig
Riviera Livestock PenCinta Sinese Pig

Riviera Pet Run and Aegean Cat
Riviera Pet RunAegean Cat

Riviera Wildlife Pen and Eurasian Bear
Riviera Wildlife PenEurasian Bear

Riviera Zoo and Masked Tiger
Riviera ZooMasked Tiger

FarmVille Mediterranean Riviera Storage Buildings

Riviera OrchardRiviera Gnome Garden

Riviera OrchardRiviera Gnome Garden

Riviera GarageRiviera Storage Cellar

Riviera GarageRiviera Storage Cellar

FarmVille Mediterranean Riviera Crafting Buildings

Riviera CraftshopBlue Sea Cafe
Riviera CraftshopBlue Sea Cafe

FarmVille Mediterranean Riviera Special Buildings

Pantheon IsleCarnival Plaza

Azure EmporiumGrotto Harbor

Click here for more information on FarmVille Mediterranean Riviera.

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