FarmVille Mediterranean Riviera: Carnival Plaza

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Just like the Fountain of Youth in FarmVille Fields of El Dorado, there will be an image-changing building called the Carnival Plaza in FarmVille Mediterranean Riviera.

What’s the Carnival Plaza for?

Carnival Plaza 1Carnival Plaza 2Carnival Plaza 3Carnival Plaza 4

The special rewards from the Pantheon Isle possess transforming abilities. Just as the name Carnival Plaza suggests, the “unmasked versions” of the Pantheon Isle rewards can be transformed to their “masked version” when placed next to the Carnival Plaza as shown below.

Unmasked Items from Pantheon Isle When place next to Carnival Plaza, it'll transform into...
Red Ruffle Ram
Masked Ruffle Ram
Precious Porcelain Bunny
Masked Porcelain Bunny
Starry Griffin
Masked Starry Griffin
Unmasked Rose Bull
Masked Rose Bull
Sea Blue Wolf
Masked Blue Wolf
Festive Flame Deer
Masked Festive Flame Deer
Masquarade Pegacorn
Festive Masquarade Pegacorn
Pink Flower Peacock
Masked Pink Peacock
Unmasked Butterfly Pegasus
Masked Butterfly Pegasus
Carnival Jester Unicorn
Masked Jester Unicorn

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