FarmVille Mediterranean Riviera Grotto Harbor

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Grotto HarborAs with earlier expansion farms, FarmVille Mediterranean Riviera offers its own special buildables. One of them is the Grotto Harbor. The Grotto Harbor feature bears obvious resemblance to the Emerald Valley Munchkin Country if you recall.

The Grotto Harbor has 30 buildable levels. The only building part required is Anchor.

Similar to Munchkin Hats in Emerald Valley, you can also find Anchors from farming crops in Mediterranean Riviera. You can supplement them by crafting more in the Craftshop. There are 3 Anchor crafting recipes available:

  • Basket of Anchors which gives 1 Anchor
  • Crate of Anchors which gives 3 Anchors
  • Chest of Anchors which gives 5 Anchors

  • Basket of Anchors (8 Hours) = 3 Bugloss Bushels + 3 Fuchsia Bougainvillea Bushels + 3 Orange Bell Pepper Bushels

    Crate of Anchors (10 Hours) = 4 Saffron Crocus Bushels + 4 Pinot Noir Grape Bushels + 4 Bugloss Bushels

    Chest of Anchors (12 Hours) = 5 Pinot Noir Grape Bushels + 5 Orange Bell Pepper Bushels + 5 Sea Lavender Bushels

    As you complete each level, you will be awarded Riviera Points and a special reward. The building requirement and reward at each stage of the Grotto Harbor are as shown in the table below.

    (Total: 974)
    Level Reward
    Level 1
    1Miniature Mediterranean Donkey
    23Super Fertilizer
    34Pistachio Shell Tree
    45Flamenco Gnomette
    Level 5
    67Blue Glass Whelp
    78Spanish Town Hall
    893 pack of Turbo Chargers
    910Italian Frill Greyhound
    Level 10
    12Package of Mediterranean Riviera Treasure Parts
    1113Italian Guard Gnome
    12155 Farmhands
    1319Glass Goose
    14213 Unwithers
    Level 15
    22Flower Anchor Tree
    1727Malta Arch
    18303 pack of Turbo Chargers
    1935Spanish Stallion
    385 Arborists
    22463 Unwithers
    2350Water Mane Dragon

    2455Package of Mediterranean Riviera Treasure Parts
    Level 25
    60Venetian Gold Lion
    26653 pack of Turbo Chargers
    2775Saffron Chamois
    2885Black Olive Tree
    2990Seaside Windmill
    Level 30
    95Mythic White Pegasus + Mediterranean Riviera Unwither Ring
    Total: 974

    Note that the final reward at Level 30 is a Mythic White Pegasus and an Unwither Ring.

    Do you like the Mediterranean Riviera Grotto Harbor and its rewards?

    Click here for more information on FarmVille Mediterranean Riviera.

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