FarmVille North Pole Toy Works Returns!

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This Christmas, FarmVille is bringing back the North Pole Toy Works!

North Pole Toy Works is a Christmas crafting feature which will be available on our farms from Monday, 12th December 2016 to Friday, 30th December 2016 and will be native to the Once Upon a Winter farm.

North Pole Toy Works

We will be helping Ron the magician wrap Christmas Gifts to fill up Santa’s bag and earn up to 50 presents. As usual, we will be asking for (posting and collecting) as well as crafting Holiday Wrappers. As usual there will be an option to buy them with Farm Cash.

North Pole Toy Works - Help Ron

We will be asked to fill the Wish Meter with 7 holiday wrappers for each gift wrap in order to earn each of the 50 presents.

North Pole Toy Works - Wish MeterNorth Pole Toy Works - Collect Presents

As a holiday gift, Ron will award you 5 free presents when you open the North Pole Toy Works feature (saving you 5×7 = 35 Holiday Wrappers) which means you only have to craft or collect another 315 instead of 350 Holiday Wrappers.

North Pole Toy Works - Free Presents

Now let’s take a look at the recipe for crafting Holiday Wrappers. It will be available in the Craft Shop from 12th December 2016. As a holiday norm, the Holiday Wrappers will only take one minute to craft.

Holiday Wrappers RecipeBushels #1Bushels #2Bushels #3Craft Time
Holiday Wrappers
Holiday Wrappers
Icy Tulips Bushels
3 Icy Tulips Bushels
Christmas Grapes Bushels
3 Christmas Grapes Bushels
Star Cut Apple Bushels
2 Star Cut Apple Bushels
1 Minute

Similar to previous Christmas features, including the Hungry Santa, FarmVille Studio has once again kept the prizes under tight wraps.

Once you have collected all of the Holiday Wrappers that you need, you will see a message inviting you to come back on 25th December to open all your presents.

North Pole Toy Works - Open All Your Presents

This feature will offer both new and/or old prizes as pictured below.

North Pole Toy Works Prizes Pg 1North Pole Toy Works Pg 2

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