FarmVille Oasis Gardens Breeding Pens and Buildings With Purpose

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As FarmVille is getting ready to release the Farmville Oasis Gardens farm, here’s a preview of the Oasis Gardens Buildings With Purpose that will be deployed in the upcoming Farmville Oasis Gardens farm for breeding, storage and crafting purposes.

Upon completing each breeding pen, you will get to receive these Riviera animals as a bonus reward.

Farmville Oasis Gardens Breeding Pens

Oasis Aviary + Horus Hawk (Bonus Reward)
Oasis AviaryHorus Hawk

Oasis Pasture + Cleopatra Cow (Bonus Reward)
Oasis PastureCleopatra Cow

Oasis Horse Paddock + Chariot Horse (Bonus Reward)
Oasis Horse PaddockChariot Horse

Oasis Livestock Pen + Bazaar Sheep (Bonus Reward)
Oasis Livestock PenBazaar Sheep

Oasis Pet Run + Pharoah Rabbit (Bonus Reward)
Oasis Pet RunPharoah Rabbit

Oasis Wildlife Pen + Baby Nile Crocodile (Bonus Reward)
Oasis Wildlife PenBaby Nile Crocodile

Oasis Zoo Pen + Egyptian Wolf (Bonus Reward)
Oasis Zoo PenEgyptian Wolf

Farmville Oasis Gardens Storage Buildings

Oasis OrchardOasis Gnome Garden
Oasis OrchardOasis Gnome Garden

Oasis GarageOasis Storage Cellar
Oasis GarageOasis Storage Cellar

Farmville Oasis Gardens Crafting Building

Oasis Craft Shop
Oasis Craft Shop

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