FarmVille Oasis Gardens: Palace of Treasures

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FarmVille Oasis Gardens Palace of TreasuresAs with earlier expansion farms, FarmVille Oasis Gardens has its own exclusive buildables. Here the centerpiece buildable is the magnificent Palace of Treasures.

Palace of Treasures 1Palace of Treasures 2Palace of Treasures 3Palace of Treasures 4
The Oasis Gardens Palace of Treasures is a multi-level charity-driven building.

The goal is to help raise $500,000 USD for Wildlife Conservation Network (WCN) to save 50,000 endangered animal species. As the FarmVille community complete each level through their contribution, they will be awarded a special reward each.

The charity goal has been raised to $700,000 USD on 13th June 2014 to save 70,000 animals with 2 newly added rewards!

New Charity Goal
The reward for each completion level of the Palace of Treasures is as shown in the table below:

Animals Saved vs Contribution
Level 1
Henna Tree
10,000 / $100,000 USD
(June 3, 2014)
Level 2
Oasis Winged Cat
20,000 / $200,000 USD
(June 7, 2014)
Level 3
Bedouin Camel
30,000 / $300,000 USD
(June 10, 2014)
Level 4
Bejeweled Dream Deer
40,000 / $400,000 USD
(June 11, 2014)
Level 5
Bedouin Tent
50,000 / $500,000 USD
(June 17, 2014)
Level 6
Veiled Horse
60,000 / $600,000 USD
(June 25, 2014)
Level 7
Desert Rose Unicorn
70,000 / $700,000 USD
(July 15, 2014)

Keep monitoring the charity meter in the Palace of Treasures to see the progress of the FarmVille community.

Do you like the Oasis Gardens Palace of Treasures and its rewards?

Start your Arabian Nights adventure in FarmVille Oasis Gardens today!

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