FarmVille Opal’s Kingdom Early Access!

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Howdy farmers, FarmVille is set to release an all new Opal’s Kingdom farm and take us into the underwater world!

Early Access is scheduled to go LIVE on Monday, 27th February 2017 for the usual 45 Farm Cash. General Access will be available on Monday, 6th March 2017.

Here’s what you can expect to get on Opal’s Kingdom farm during Early Access.

Opal’s Kingdom Early Access

Early Access Period: 27th February to 6th March 2017

Cost: 45 Farm Cash

Free Gifts:
• 3 Exclusive Early Access Crops
• Bonus Animal
• Supreme Opal Combine
• Bonus Opal’s Kingdom Avatar Costumes
• Free Starter Pack
• Double Bushels during Early Access Week
• Free Fuel during Early Access Week

Exclusive Early Access Crops: Bubble Fish Crop, Underwater Cabbage and White Lined Dirona.

Bubble Fish CropUnderwater CabbageWhite Lined Dirona

Bonus Animal (Sea Fairy Pegasus), Supreme Opal Combine, Bonus Male and Female costumes and Opal’s Kingdom Crystal Starter Pack.

Sea Fairy PegasusSupreme Opal CombineBonus Male CostumeBonus Female CostumeStarter Pack

The Crystal Starter Pack (167 FC Value) includes 2 animals (Sea Queen Sea Pony and Queen Seahorse), a Glow Coral Tree, 6 Conch Shells, 6 Star Shovels, 6 Crystal Shards, 16 Retriever Nets, 16 Magic Tridents and 400 Opal Points!

Sea Queen Sea PonyQueen SeahorseGlow Coral Tree

Are you excited to explore FarmVille Opal’s Kingdom and level up with Opal points?

Be sure to spread the news to all your FarmVille friends to keep them informed.

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