FarmVille Safari-Themed Countdown

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FarmVille Safari-Themed CountdownHowdy farmers, FarmVille will be rolling out a new Safari-themed Countdown after the Arabian Knights Countdown. This event will be available from Tuesday, 16th May 2017 to 6th June 2017.

Gather these stamps from your friends and redeem for these exclusive Safari-themed Countdown prizes and win a special bonus if you get all 16 days’ stamps! Note: You can ask for stamps every 6 hours.

Safari-Themed Countdown

Safari Outpost Tree (4), Thorn Leaved Tree (5), Compass Tree (6), Lookout Gnome (7)

Safari Watch Point (7), Expedition Jeep (7), Rescue Van (10), Traveller Pelican (10)

Safari Rescue Plane (12), Cubs in Jeep (12), Lookout Bear (12), Explorer Lion (12)

Flare Gun Duck (14), Rescue Scout Chicken (14), Thirsty Elephant (14), Voyager Cow (14)

Confirmed Prizes for Safari-themed Countdown

Safari Outpost Tree, Thorn Leaved Tree, Compass Tree, Lookout Gnome

Safari Watch Point, Expedition Jeep, Rescue Van, Traveller Pelican

Safari Rescue Plane, Cubs in Jeep, Lookout Bear, Explorer Lion

Flare Gun Duck, Rescue Scout Chicken, Thirsty Elephant, Voyager Cow

After collecting all the stamps over 16 days, you will get to win a bonus prize – a Cub Scout Pegacorn.

Cub Scout Pegacorn StampCub Scout Pegacorn

Do you like the Safari-themed Countdown prizes?

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