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FarmVille Saving SeaBooFarmVille has released a new Saving SeaBoo feature. Build a ship to rescue SeaBoo and her friends from the sinking island!

This feature is quite similar to the Lost Reindeer and will be released from 22nd June 2015 to 13th July 2015.

The difference between the Wandering Pirate and Saving SeaBoo is the addition of a map that shows and tracks your progress.

Search different areas on the island to find hidden animals. Find all the animals in an area to get a unique map piece!

As you complete sets of rewards, you receive pieces of the map and once you complete all pieces by completing all sets of rewards, you will receive the bonus reward.

The animals help you find a map piece to the Rescue Ship!

Once you have enough Healing Potions, you will be able to redeem animals by clicking on the Healing Potions for 30, 40, 50 or 60 button depending on which part of the island you are working on.

Once you add the healing potions, you will receive one of the 4 animals in that set of rewards.

When you complete all animals for a set of rewards, you will be granted a piece of the map.

As you complete each set, you will receive a new piece of map and get closer to completing it to receive the Bonus reward.

Healing PotionTo collect Healing Potions, you can either:

  • Post to Facebook News Feed;
  • Collect from friends’ posts;
  • Craft Healing Potions from recipes in the Craftshop;
  • Buy with Farm Cash

These are the craftable recipes in the Craftshop:

  • 1 Healing Potion (Craft in 1 hour) – uses 3 Emerald Knots, 2 Sea Sprout and 2 Golden Popcorn Carnation bushels
  • Healing PotionEmerald Knots BushelsSea Sprout BushelsGolden Popcorn Carnation Bushels

  • 3 Healing Potions (Craft in 6 hours) – uses 2 Xeronema Lily, 3 Fire Cactus and 3 Ice Lily bushels
  • Healing PotionXeronema Lily BushelsFire Cactus BushelsIce Lily Bushels

  • 5 Healing Potions (Craft in 3 hours) – uses 2 Kraken Bloom, 3 Golden-Green Crops and 4 Blue Fox Wood bushels
  • Healing PotionKraken Bloom BushelsGolden-Green Crops BushelsBlue Fox Wood Bushels

    You can redeem for these Saving SeaBoo rewards with Healing Potions:

    Healing PotionsCommon RewardSpecial RewardRare RewardSuper Rare Reward
    30 Healing Potions
    Set of Rewards (Enchanted Pond)
    Shell RhinoWavy WalrusFancy Shell HippoJellyfish Rhino
    Healing PotionShell RhinoWavy WalrusFancy Shell HippoJellyfish Rhino
    40 Healing Potions
    Set of Rewards (Forest Glade)
    Clam WalrusNautical HippoCoral GiraffeStarburst Elephant
    Healing PotionClam WalrusNautical HippoCoral GiraffeStarburst Elephant
    50 Healing Potions
    Set of Rewards (Mystical Waterfall)
    Waverider GiraffeSea PonySea DeerSea Princess Ponycorn
    Healing PotionWaverider GiraffeSea PonySea DeerSea Princess Ponycorn
    60 Healing Potions
    Set of Rewards (Hidden Cove)
    Crystal LionMidnight DeerHorse of the SeaCurled Sea Mane Horse
    Healing PotionCrystal LionMidnight DeerHorse of the SeaCurled Sea Mane Horse

    There are also Bonus rewards for finding all of the map pieces. You’ll get to keep SeaBoo and the Rescue Ship which sails her to safety!
    SeaBooRescue Ship

    Do you like these rewards from Saving SeaBoo?

    Happy Farming!

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