FarmVille: The Runaway Bouquet Guide

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FarmVille The Runaway BouquetAye Farmers! FarmVille will be releasing a new feature called The Runaway Bouquet. Our poor caveman Stan is head over heels in love and his wedding day is approaching fast. Unfortunately, the beautiful bouquet he made for his bride-to-be is missing! Can you help Stan reclaim the Runaway Bouquet and restore it in time? If you do, you will get to keep the pet animals that have absconded with the flowers and get Stan some pet animals for his wife-to-be.

This feature is quite similar to The Family Reunited and Saving SeaBoo and is currently coded to be released from Monday, 4th July 2016 to 1st August 2016.

You will get to explore 4 different areas and recover the flowers to restore the bouquet:

1.The Woody Forest —– 2.The Sleepy Swamp —– 3.The Dusty Desert —– 4.The Lofty Mountain

The Woody ForestThe Sleepy SwampThe Dusty DesertThe Lofty Mountain

As you help to find the animals in each area, you are making progress to recover the flowers and gets closer to restoring the bouquet…

Wedding Bouquet

You will be collecting and crafting Fruit Treats to lure the animals out of their hiding. Once you have collected enough Fruit Treats, you will be able to redeem animals by clicking on the Fruit Treat button depending on which part of the area you are working on.

To collect Fruit Treat, you can either:

  • Ask for Fruit Treats every 6 hours;
  • Collect from friends’ posts;
  • Craft Fruit Treats from recipes in the Craftshop;
  • Buy with Farm Cash.

These are the crafting recipes in the Craftshop that produce Fruit Treats:
As of the enhance on July 5th, the bushel requirements have been significantly reduced. The grow time for Dino Lemon has also been reduced from 18 hours to 10 hours.

  • Fruit Treat (Craft in 1 hour) – uses 3 Venus Bird Trap bushels, 2 Patterned Seashells bushels and 2 Red Cabbage bushels

  • Fruit TreatVenus Bird Trap BushelsPatterned Seashells BushelsRed Cabbage Bushels

  • Fruit Basket gives 3 Fruit Treats (Craft in 3 hours) – uses 2 Queens Magnifica Sticks bushels, 3 Primitive Peanut bushels and 3 Barley bushels

  • Fruit BasketQueens Magnifica BushelsPrimitive Peanut BushelsBarley Bushels

  • Fruit Tray gives 5 Fruit Treats (Craft in 6 hours) – uses 2 Stick Zingiber bushels, 3 Radish bushels and 4 Dino Lemon bushels

  • Fruit TrayStick Zingiber BushelsRadish BushelsDino Lemon Bushels

    Once you add the Fruit Treats, you will receive one of the 4 animals in that set of rewards. Each set will consist of a Common, Special, Rare or Super Rare reward.

    You can redeem for these 4 sets of rewards with the Fruit Treats collected:

    Fruit TreatsCommon RewardSpecial RewardRare RewardSuper Rare Reward
    The Woody Forest
    (Uses 30 Fruit Treats each time)
    QuackasaurReptilian RoosterSail Fin KangarooBlue Sun Horse
    Spirit of IceQuackasaurReptilian RoosterSail Fin KangarooBlue Sun Horse
    The Sleepy Swamp
    (Uses 40 Fruit Treats each time)
    Swamp Monster CrocStegy HippoSwamp Back CowSwamp Horn Deer
    The Sleepy SwampSwamp Monster CrocStegy HippoSwamp Back CowSwamp Horn Deer
    The Dusty Desert
    (Uses 50 Fruit Treats each time)
    Desert Sand RabbitDesert Billy GoatSand Slick DeerDesert Rose Pegasus
    The Dusty DesertDesert Sand RabbitDesert Billy GoatSand Slick DeerDesert Rose Pegasus
    The Lofty Mountain
    (Uses 60 Fruit Treats each time)
    Saber Mane LynxMountain Pack ElephantMountain Iguana CowMountain Ram Pegacorn
    The Lofty MountainSaber Mane LynxMountain Pack ElephantMountain Iguana CowMountain Ram Pegacorn

    If you complete all 4 areas, you will get the Marriage Unicorn as a bonus prize and help our creepy friend, Stan gift his bride all the pet animals.

    Marriage Unicorn

    Do you like these rewards brought to you by The Runaway Bouquet?

    Happy Farming!

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