Guide to FarmVille Caveman Club: Ooga Awakens!

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Welcome to Caveman Club Ooga Land! Help Stan by unlocking Magical Spells and earn special rewards.

Below is your FAQ guide to the Ooga Awakens feature.

Ooga Awakens

A. What is Ooga Awakens?
Lord Ooga rules Caveman Club and his Totem is located on a special tile – Ooga Land. The Ooga Land is magical and if Lord Ooga is pleased, he may bless your farm with amazing and powerful spells!

Using various ingredients, you can craft time-limited magical spells through the Ooga Awakens feature and use them on the special tile Ooga Land.

If you have purchased Early Access to Caveman Club, you get an immediate and FREE unlock of Ooga Land!

Magical Spells

B. Where can you find the Ooga Land? How do you access the feature?
If you have purchased early access to Caveman Club, you get a FREE unlock of Ooga Land right away.

When on the Caveman Club Farm, you can access the Ooga Awakens feature in the following 2 ways:

1. By clicking on the Ooga Totem on Ooga Land special tile:

Click Ooga Totem

2. By clicking on the feature icon:

Ooga Awakens Icon

C. How does the feature work? How can I craft spells?
The Ooga Awakens feature requires you to send gatherers and collect some Magical Items from the buildings in Caveman Club.

These Magical Items can later be combined to craft a random Spell that will boost your crops on the Ooga Land!

There are 4 types of spells available to craft:

1. Common Spells (Lasts for 8 hours)
2. Uncommon Spells (Lasts for 12 hours)
3. Rare Spells (Lasts for 10 hours)
4. Epic Spells (Lasts for 14 hours)

In addition, you can choose to add the rare Conjuring Gems for higher chances of getting Super Spells. Super Spells include Uncommon, Rare and Epic Spells.

The Ooga Awakens recipe book is described below:

Spell Book

D. Which Magical Items do you need to craft Spells?
You are required to summon your gatherers and collect the following Magical Items from their respective buildings. These will be used as an ingredient to craft Spells.

There is a certain minimum requirement before you can collect these Magical Items which is indicated on the recipe book. The higher you upgrade the buildings on Caveman Club, the more Magical Items you get from them.

1. Enchanted Manure from Ani-Mall;
2. Magic Roots from Rockmore Rotunda;
3. Mystical Sap from Rockmore Granary;
4. Conjuring Gems from clearing treasures.

Collecting Magical Items

E. How do you collect the Magical Items?
Stan, Tina, and Daisy are the gatherers for Ani-Mall, Rockmore Rotunda, and Rockmore Granary respectively.

You need to send your gatherers to collect Magical Items from different buildings.
To view them, simply click on the “View Gatherers” button on your recipe book as shown below.

View Gatherers

If you see the buildings locked as shown in the screenshot above, please interact with all the three buildings – Ani-Mall, Rockmore Rotunda and Rockmore Granary. Complete at least level 1 of each building to start collecting Magic Items, that means you need to do the following to start playing Ooga Awakens:

1. Complete orders for at least 1 animal in Ani-Mall;
2. Complete at least 1 stage in Rockmore Rotunda;
3. Redeem at least 1 reward in Rockmore Granary.

Once you have met the above listed minimum requirements, you will see that a “Send” button appears next to the gatherers. The “Send” button appears when the gatherers are ready to go and collect the Magical Items from the respective buildings.

Click “Send” to have the gatherers collect items for you.

View Recipe Book

The gatherers will take some time to fetch the Magical Items for you before you can collect them. You will need to wait until they return with Magical Items. For example:

Fetch the Magical Items

Once the gatherers are back, the “Collect” button will be activated for you to collect the Magical Items for crafting.

Collect the Magical Items

Once you collect, the respective item count will be updated.

The Magical Items from these buildings have an endless supply; just keep sending your gatherers to fetch them.

Leveling up buildings will give you more ingredients per fetch, so you can craft more spells in lesser time.

Magical Items Updated

F. How do you collect the Conjuring Gems? Why are they special?
Conjuring Gems can be collected by clearing treasures. You will get different quantity of Conjuring Gems depending on the size of the treasure.

When mixed with other ingredients while crafting, Conjuring Gems increase the probability of getting a Super Spell (i.e. any one of the Uncommon, Rare, OR Epic spell).

Clear Treasures for Conjuring Gems

Discovered Twisted Falls

The count of Conjuring Gems will be updated on the main recipe book as shown below:

Conjuring Gems Updated

G. How do you craft spells?

In order to start crafting, you need to have collected the required amount of Magical Items, that is:

1. 30 Enchanting Manure,
2. 90 Magic Roots, and
3. 60 Mystical Sap
4. Conjuring Gems (optional) – You can still craft even if you don’t have any Conjuring Gems.

Once you have the right amount of Magical Items, the “Craft” button next to the Ooga Totem will be activated!

Please see the example below:

Craft Spells

Click on the “Craft” button to start crafting a random spell.

Once you click on “Craft” and provided that you have at least 10 Conjuring Gems, you will be presented with a choice whether you would want to add Conjuring Gems while crafting Spells or not.

When mixed with other ingredients while crafting, Conjuring Gems increase the probability of getting a Super Spell (i.e. any one of the Uncommon, Rare, OR Epic spell).

Add Conjuring Gems

After you click either “Yes” or “No” button on the above screen, the count of respective Magical Items will be deducted from your recipe book and the crafting process will begin.

You will be able to collect the crafted Spell within the next few hours, once the crafting process is complete.

Wait to Collect Crafted Spells

Collect Crafted Spells

H. Where can you find the crafted Spells?
All crafted spells will be stored in your Spell Book from where you may use them when you want.

All Spells are time-limited and you can store a maximum of 10 types of Spells in your spell book at a time.

Discovered Chrono Master

Crafted Spells Stored in Spell Book

I. Which different types of Spells are available?
Spells in Ooga Awakens are random and you would need to unlock them by crafting to know about them.

Once you craft a particular type of Spell, the question mark (?) on the Spell Book will be replaced by the respective Spell icon.

J. Can I choose which Spell to craft?
No, you cannot choose which spell to craft. You can however add Conjuring Gems while crafting the Spells to boost the chance of getting Super Spells.

K. How do you use the crafted spells?
The crafted spells can only be used on the Ooga Land special tile. In order to use the spell, open the Spell Book and click on “Use” button below the desired spell.

Use a Spell

Clicking on “Use” will ask you for a confirmation. Clicking on Apply will apply the Spell on the Ooga Land.

Super Duper Awesome Buff Power

Hover over Ooga Totem

The icon in Spell Book will also reflect the same:

Active Spell

L. Can you use multiple Spells at a time or combine two different Spells?
No, you cannot use multiple Spells at a time and cannot combine two different Spells. If a Spell is already in use, you will need to wait until it expires before using another one.

M. Can you use multiple Spells at a time or combine two different Spells?
No, you cannot use multiple Spells at a time and cannot combine two different Spells. If a Spell is already in use, you will need to wait until it expires before using another one.

N. How can you apply the Spells to another tiles and plots on my Caveman Club Farm?
The Spells crafted in Ooga Awakens will only work on the Ooga Land special tile. You cannot use them on any other Farm and on any other tiles within Caveman Club Farm.

Click Ooga Totem

O. Can you move the Ooga Land special tile to another Farm?
No, you cannot move the Ooga Land special tile to another Farm.

P. If a game-wide boost is already active on the Farm (e.g. 2x Mastery), will the benefit of using the Spells add on top of it?
Yes! If a game-wide boost is already active, the benefits from using Spells add on top of it.

Q. What if the planted crops exceed the amount of time for which a spell is active? e.g. how about a 2-day crop?
You get the benefits from a particular Spell while they are active.

For example: If you plant a 2 day crop and use a Double Bushel Spell right in the beginning, the spell will expire before the crops grow and you will end up losing benefits.

However, if you use Harvest Helper Spell before planting a 2-day crop, you will get the benefits, as Spell will provide you with a Harvest Helper which is used while you plant.

Similarly, if you want 2x Bushels or Mastery etc., wait for some time and apply the Spell before harvesting time so that you can get the benefits. And yes, Spell can be used on a ready crop too!

R. Will the Spells work only on Caveman Club crops planted on Ooga Land?
The Spell will work on all types of crops, provided that they are planted on the Special Tile – Ooga Land. The Spells are not limited to Caveman Club Crops.

That’s all folks!

Happy Farming!

Click here for more info on FarmVille Caveman Club!

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