Guide to FarmVille Mediterranean Riviera

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FarmVille Mediterranean Riviera Guide

Mediterranean Riviera Early AccessMediterranean Riviera Buildings (Decorative)Breeding Pens and Buildings With Purpose
Mediterranean Riviera Pasture
Pantheon Isle (Main Buildable)Carnival PlazaAzure Emporium (self-contained crafting building)
FarmVille Pantheon IsleAzure Emporium
Grotto HarborMediterranean Riviera CropsBlue Sea Café Crafting Recipes
FarmVille Grotto Harbor
Mediterranean Riviera TreasuresMediterranean Riviera CharactersMediterranean Riviera Farm Vehicles
FarmVille Mediterranean Riviera Treasures
Mediterranean Orchard Harvester
Beat Mediterranean RivieraDo You Like Domestic or Wild Animals Voting EventMediterranean Riviera Chapter 1 Quests (Early Access)
Beat Mediterranean RivieraFarmVille Do You Like Domestic or Wild Animals Voting Event
Mediterranean Riviera Chapter 1 Quests (Early Access)
Mediterranean Riviera Chapter 2 QuestsMediterranean Riviera Chapter 3 QuestsMediterranean Riviera Chapter 4 Quests
Mediterranean Riviera Chapter 2 Quests
Mediterranean Riviera Chapter 5 QuestsMediterranean Riviera Chapter 6 QuestsMediterranean Riviera Chapter 7 Quests
Mediterranean Riviera Chapter 8 QuestsMediterranean Riviera Chapter 9 Quests

The early access to Mediterranean Riviera will go live on Monday, 14 April 2014 for 45 Farm Cash. Free access to Mediterranean Riviera will go live on Monday, 21 April 2014.

If you’re looking forward to playing during early access, check out this guide before you begin your journey to FarmVille Mediterranean Riviera!

Start your journey in the Mediterranean coasts with the all new Mediterranean Riviera Farm today!

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