Guide to FarmVille Oasis Gardens

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FarmVille Oasis Gardens Guide

Oasis Gardens Early AccessOasis Gardens Buildings (Decorative)Breeding Pens and Buildings With Purpose
Oasis CityOasis Storage Cellar
Palace of Treasures (Goal: $700,000 USD)Oasis CitadelZezura Oasis
Palace of TreasuresOasis CitadelZezura Oasis
Arabian Stallions (self-contained crafting building)Oasis Gardens CropsCairo Boutique Crafting Recipes
Arabian Stallions
Oasis Gardens TreasuresOasis Gardens CharactersOasis Gardens Farm Vehicles
Oasis Gardens Treasures
Oasis Gardens Characters
Oasis Orchard Harvester
Beat Oasis GardensOasis Gardens Leveling Rewards
Beat Oasis Gardens
Oasis Gardens Leveling Rewards
Oasis Gardens Chapter 1 Quests (Early Access)Oasis Gardens Chapter 2 QuestsOasis Gardens Chapter 3 Quests
Oasis Gardens Chapter 1 Quests (Early Access)
Oasis Gardens Chapter 2 Quests
Oasis Gardens Chapter 4 QuestsOasis Gardens Chapter 5 QuestsOasis Gardens Chapter 6 Quests
Oasis Gardens Chapter 7 QuestsOasis Gardens Chapter 8 QuestsOasis Gardens Chapter 9 Quests

Play Oasis Gardens
Oasis Gardens is a charity-driven expansion to help raise $500,000 USD for Wildlife Conservation Network (WCN) to save 50,000 endangered animal species.

The early access to Oasis Gardens goes live on Monday, 2 June 2014 for 45 Farm Cash. Free access to Oasis Gardens will start on Monday, 9 June 2014.

If you’re looking forward to playing during early access, check out this guide before you begin your journey to FarmVille Oasis Gardens!

Start your Arabian Nights adventure in the all new Oasis Gardens Farm today!

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