Online Casino vs Live Casino

One of the biggest misconceptions in the online casino world concerns online casino games vs live casino games. Many players assume that these two terms mean the same thing, but it’s not the case. In this article, find a detailed explanation of what each type of casino gaming is all about.

Online Casino Games

Also known as virtual casinos, these are the primary games that you can find on any online casino. Basically, these are software games having Random Number Generator software. The list of online casino games includes online poker, baccarat, slots, jackpots, bingo, keno, and so on. The role of the RNG software is to recreate the traditional casino games.

The advantage of online casino games is that they are readily available and cheaper to play. This is because of reduced overheads and also the enticing casino promotions on the menu. But then, fairness is not guaranteed as these are not real casino games. Previously, we have seen several online casino scams involving doctored RNG software.

Live Casino Games

As the name suggests, live dealer games are in real-time. Here, there is no RNG software, and instead, a croupier, in a real land-based casino, takes charge. The big difference is the fact that in a live casino, players follow the events remotely via a live stream. Several technologies have been exploited here, including Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality.

The advantage of live dealer games is that they offer a more authentic casino experience compared to RNG games. If you are a seasoned gambler, this is the best choice for you. On the downside, live casino games are quite expensive because of the infrastructure required to stream the events in real-time. Another factor, live dealer games are not available on all casinos. There are specific online casinos that tag along with the live dealers.

Indeed, the difference between online casinos vs live casinos is profound. While they are all played online, the former is a software generated game. At the same time, the latter is a real casino game, streamed from a real land-based casino. Which one sounds a good deal to you?